Colour Floor Plan

Couple looking at floor plan or efloorplan

Photos are good to give a glimpse of a house, but will never give you a feel of the layout of the home.

A Floor plan from the builder has too many details or is too technical. The coloured floor plan differentiates areas and helps the buyer to quickly absorb the spatial relationship of the house.

Use colour floor plans to make an impact on your marketing media, internet, brochures or in your display signboards... Use the colour floor plan for your communication with potential buyers.

We have 4 flavours of floor plans.

  • Basic Floor Plan

  • Standard Floor Plan

  • Premium Floor Plan

  • Site Plan

Basic Floor Plan: $40 (for single storey 4x2 house*)

We convert the scanned floor plan into a digital image and clean up clutter.
Details like shower, basin, bath tub, basin, laundry trough, kitchen sink and kitchen hotplate are excluded in this product.

Standard Floor Plan: $50 (for single storey 4x2 house*)

We add missing details, like pool or a patio, and update the kitchen layout or other rooms as per the actual layout.
You need to send us some photos for reference so that we can amend the floor plan. Another option if photos are not available is for you to hand sketch on the existing drawing and we can convert it to a final floor plan.

Premium Floor Plan: $60 (for single storey 4x2 house*)

Adding furniture in a standard plan gives a feel of actual space and may help potential buyers decide much faster.

Site Plan:

* Single Storey 4x2 house means house with 4 Bedroom, 1 ENS, 1 Bathroom, 1 Lounge,1 Living/Family, 1 Dining, 1 Laundry, 1 WC (it also includes necessary WIR/Store/Carports). Any additional room will incur extra charges. Please ask for a quote if your house is different.

For additional room/space add $3/room (eg. extra Bed room or a Study room ) For double store house add $10 over and above the mention price; as it involves adding stairs and two different layouts & composing.

For Custom Designed Large house / Small Units / Apartments / Granny Flats etc. email the floor plan and get a quote